Fight for Flight, or F4F, is owned and operated by Deborah Carter and a small team of human (and bird!) volunteers. We aim to make people aware of the challenges facing Australian raptors.


Deb with Grey Gos Hawk.JPG

The Founder

Deborah Carter is the founder of F4F. Over the last six years, she has dedicated her efforts towards housing, learning and caring for injured Australian raptors. Deborah is a member of the Society for the Preservation of Raptors and the Queensland Wildlife Rehabilitation Council. Deborah set up F4F because "people will care about an experience they have a connection with."


Bird of Prey Rescue, Rehabilitation & Release Inc.

F4F's charitable work includes the rescue, rehabilitation and release of injured or sick raptors. We also implement strategies for the conservation and education of Australia's precious avian life. All donations and profits go to food, medical and housing costs for injured or orphaned birds.


Birds of Prey

Birds of Prey is F4F's education and promotion section, aimed at educating and promoting community awareness of the dangers faced by raptors. We are completely mobile and can appear at large events or in a more intimate setting. Contact us if you want to get up close and personal with one of our feathered friends!