How to Help

Anyone with a pet will know how expensive they can be - but imagine when you have many pets, each with special diets, extra medical requirements, and unique housing needs! These are some of the challenges facing F4F. The more resources we have, the more we can do to help our orphaned and injured raptors. For a more detailed list of items that we require, take a look at our wish list.


Being raptors, our birds are carnivorous. Mice, rats, quail, chicken and fish provide a good balance. Please contact us if you have products that you can donate to feed our raptors, and become a friend of F4F.


Are you a vet or have access to medical facilities? Do you own or provide medical supplies such as bandages and splints? We want you! Contact us to find out how you can help a raptor fly again, and become a friend of F4F!


It's no secret that money makes things happen. With more money we can rescue, rehabilitate and release more raptors back into the wild. Any donations are tax-deductible and will help us in our mission.