Rescue, Rehab and Release

F4F's work in helping injured or orphaned birds has three parts: rescue, rehabilitation and release. Birds need to be rescued if they are injured or too young to survive alone. They need food, housing and medical care as part of their rehabilitation. Finally, we need to be able to say goodbye as we release them back into the wild. Any help you can give our feathered friends is appreciated. If you wish to make a non-cash donation, please see our How to Help section.


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This is a juvenile peregrine falcon who crashed into a glass barrier around a private pool. Luckily, she didn't break any bones but she did have muscle and soft tissue damage. This is her having an x-ray that was generously provided pro bono by a local vet. Any local veterinarians or other specialists who have time and facilities to donate are welcome to contact, as your time may go further than your money!


This is a baby barking owl - his bandages are covering a large open wound caused by kookaburras that attacked him. He was cranky during his treatment! This is a good sign though, as it means he will be able to readjust to life in the wild.


This is Zena, a wedge-tailed eagle who had serious injuries to her scapula. The injury matches what happens when birds hit solid objects like cars or buildings. The vet said she'd never fly again. Twelve months of rehab later, Zena flew back into the wild.